Auto Car Franchises – Tips for Buying an Auto or Car Franchise

Are you a budding entrepreneur who is looking for a lucrative franchise? While many people think of fast-food restaurants as the ideal first franchise, others have found a more satisfying lifestyle by owning an automobile franchise. The auto industry may have taken a hit because of the recession, but in many ways that has helped auto and car franchises do better; especially when that franchise covers the auto aftermarket. If you love cars and want to make your living doing something you enjoy, a car related franchise may be right for you.

Here are some tips for buying auto or car franchises:

The most important thing to remember about car franchises is you aren’t restricted to just selling or buying vehicles. Auto repair franchises, oil and lube shops, car washes, transmission services and franchises that specialize in mufflers or brakes all fall under the category of “car and auto franchises.”

In a tough economy, when people are not spending money on new vehicles, the auto aftermarket shops do a brisk business. That’s because people need to maintain the vehicles they already own. They need parts; accessories, tires, brakes, mufflers and new transmissions, and they want them at affordable prices.

There are dozens of franchises that fall into these categories, some national and some regional. To learn more about these franchises, look for web sites that offer tips for buying auto and car franchises. These sites often include listings of available franchises for sale in their FSBO (For Sale By Owner) directories. Some websites have a category page for just about every type of franchise opportunity, as well as a special section with ads for auto and car franchises.

New York Requires Business Auto Insurance

America is the land of opportunity. Thousands of people come to our country for a better life. Some even risk their lives to arrive and face possible deportation if caught. They take these risks because of the dream of a stable environment. They are even free to start their own business if so desired. Citizens born and raised here will also strive for years to find their financial niche.

Every year, small businesses are created across the nation. Vehicles used for business purposes need to be insured as commercial vehicles. Your personal vehicle insurance excludes coverage during commercial use of your car or truck. Cheap commercial car insurance is available if you do your research. The New York auto insurance department can assist with this process.

When a vehicle is used for business purposes, it requires special insurance called a commercial or business insurance policy. If you tow a commercial trailer with a personal vehicle, you may also be required to obtain commercial business policy If you tow or haul anything that doesn’t belong to your company, you could need hired or non-owned vehicle coverage. These requirements vary per state so check with your state’s insurance department for a complete list of standards. The commercial insurance may be more expensive, but there are ways get cheap car insurance for your commercial car.

*Only hire the best drivers. Insist upon drivers license checks for anyone who may be behind the wheel. Drivers with numerous tickets, accidents or a combination of both with cause your rates to be high.

*As with personal vehicles, safety equipment such as anti-theft, anti-lock brakes, side impact airbags, etc. will save you money.

*Higher deductibles = lower rates.

*Late model four door sedans and economy cars are a lot cheaper to insure than sports cars and expensive trucks.

*Store location directly affects commercial New York auto insurance premiums. If possible, choose a suburban location instead of a downtown area.

*If you have several vehicles, consider fleet insurance to cover all of them instead of individual policies for each vehicle. It may save you money too.

New York auto insurance companies are experts at finding you the best deals for your situation. They are also adept at explaining every aspect of commercial insurance policies. Take the time and allow them to walk you through the process. They can also explain all the regulations of the Federal Department of Transportation that pertains to interstate travel.

Separate summary: Commercial insurance is required for vehicles used in any aspect of a business. Cheap commercial car insurance is possible by following a few valuable tips. New York auto insurance companies can help you get the right coverage for your new company.

The Business of Cars

Cars have become an important item to purchase in the modern world. People are used to travel using their own vehicles as it is convenient and conformable.

The invention of the wheel was a major achievement of humanity. Later, humans came up with various ways to travel on the road. The invention of the automotive engine was also a major landmark. Henry Ford is credited with manufacturing affordable cars on mass scale. He founded Ford company to revolutionize the automotive industry.

Now a days cars have become inseparable part of the urban living. There are many benefits of owning a car. First of all it is a convenient way to travel. You do not have to wait for some public transport system to travel distance. In developing countries like India where proper system of public transportation is often missing owing your own vehicle can come handy. Owning a car may be expensive but it is more convenient. Traveling using a mode of public transportation may not be comfortable in a country like India. In many parts of the country there is hardly any mode of public transportation.

Developed countries of the West are big markets of cars, with almost every person having his or her own car. Developing countries have smaller markets for cars. They have less number of cars per person. Chine and India are currently the fastest growing auto markets. After both the countries started their policy of economic liberalization they began to see unprecedented economic activities. It resulted in more income for young people in those countries and subsequent expansion of the auto markets. Interestingly, Indian car owners are facing the problem of huge traffic jams as the Indian roads are not meant to take on the unprecedented surge in the number of vehicles.

The growing market of India has almost all major car companies doing business here. They have also established their manufacturing plants in the country taking advantage of the cheap labor costs here. It has also helped local people find more jobs, resulting in more purchasing power and more sales of cars.